let's reminisce - A look back at carnival 2020

I don't know, but somehow the air feels different during carnival season. There's an energy, a cool vibe, a thrilling secret that everybody's in on.

Anticipation bubbles as the celebration approaches. It starts as early as the plane ride to Trinidad; the atmosphere is charged. I look around and everybody is sitting on the edge of their seats in excitement...ready.

We land. De party start!

This year we jammed 'outside' with Carnival Rogue, House of Siete, Jokerz Wild, Silent Morning, Caesar's Army, Boycott Cooler Fete, and Bess Lime.
Some of the events listed above were new for us and added a slight deviation to our typical Carnival schedule. Soca Raff Up hosted by House of Siete, was scheduled on Sunday February 16th 2020. What’s interesting is that my flight also landed on this same date, just a few hours before the event. Normally, whenever travelling for Carnival I tend to give myself at least 24HRS to get settled.
So just as Bunji Garlin describes in his hit single ‘Straight Off The Jumbo Jet’, where the lover of Mas is packed (bags), dressed (for the party) and as soon as they pass through the airport they are in a party/fettin' mood; so too did I. With just making a brief stop to my apartment to drop off my bags, I then headed out to Soca Raff Up.

Did I think for a second that I wouldn’t have made it in time for this boat ride?

Hell yes!

After all, I was travelling from Curepe (East Trinidad) heading toward Chaguaramas and everyone knows what traffic on the West side of Trinidad is like during Carnival. Luckily, I did make it to Soca Raff Up and of course it was now time to shell!

On Tuesday I attended Jokerz Wild, another first-time event for me. I didn’t know what to expect, but we had a blast! This event took the form of a cooler cruise and while more on the big people party side there was still a good cross-section of ages with an intimate vibe.

Our third and final addition to the event schedule was Silent Morning Pop Up Jouvert Cruise. I’ve worked with Silent Morning for almost 4 years and we’ve managed to establish and build a good rapport over the period. This event concept was well received and I’m hoping to see a bigger and better Jouvert cruise for the future.

At the heart of carnival is the spirit of unity and coming together; it’s about happiness, meeting people, loving people, hugging people, etc. I feel as if being in an unfamiliar space (party) could help propel this type of behaviour, as we become one united in the Church of Soca and Fete.

My Carnival 2020 experience was truly amazing! I found some new gems on the party scene and I can't wait to see what other new trinkets await when we are "outside" once more in 2021. My challenge to you - step out of the normal and the known and take a leap of faith for the love of carnival. Try one of those hidden gems of unknown events, one without the big-name DJs and with unfamiliar faces. Just one!

You never know, you may just find your new favourite party!

For those of you who missed Trinidad Carnival 2020, we've captured those must-see moments; and for all of us who were in the action, let's reminisce about hot, sunny days drinking rum and partying with friends.


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