The Clash Between Distance & Unity

It's not every day when two global crises, health and social, explode unto the scene at the same time--two opposing forces colliding with each other, one begging for distance, the other for unity.
It's not every day you'd attend a protest in Barbados against police brutality and systemic racism; especially when the incident, 'a police killing,' that sparked the worldwide protest was not 'your' own.
It's not every day you would witness history unfolding in front of your lens: Barbadians of all races veiled in masks; and Whites carrying signs, chanting, Black Lives Matter.
But here we are; 2020. And if you thought you'd seen it all when Barack Obama was elected president, think again. History will prove 2020 to be the ultimate game-changer.
These are my images from the recent protest in Barbados. I hope you enjoy the entire collection, however, the image entitled, "Female Protester with the BLM Tattoo," really encapsulates this moment in time.
Female Protester with the BLM Tattoo. June 6, 2020. United States Embassy (Barbados).
A delicate woman clad in black stands powerful against a white landscape with her arm raised and fist clenched in the Black 'Fight the Power' sign of revolution. Wearing a mask, she is hidden and protected, her pale skin and imploring eyes our only reveal. Her anonymity to be anyone--Italian, Hispanic or Muslim--is transformative, elevating her to symbolise a social uprising where other races would take up the fight for justice and equality with Blacks. In her fragility, we see power and revolution fought not by the mighty but the many.
The letters BLM are marked across her forehead: BLACK LIVES MATTER.


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